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master classes
Jill has created a vast collection of video courses that you can own and enjoy from home.

Choose from 3 Broad Areas of Specialty Studies


Ancient Sound Healing

As you have probably already learned … literally no one has spent more time studying the connections between Ancient Civilizations and Sound Healing than Jill Mattson. The breadth and depth of what she has to offer regarding Ancients & their use and knowledge of Sound are impressive – probably unmatched.

In these video courses your will learn of Sound Healing Techniques from Ancient Atlantis, Egypt, China, India and more. Try Subtle Energy manipulations so powerful they can alter your world. Experience Sound Energy as a doorway to: higher dimensions, activate telepathy and communicate with Ascended Masters. Gain new appreciation for the Druids (Wizards of Nature). Amazing information on Old Egypt! Exciting, innovative and in-depth.

The comprehensive courses under Ancient Sound Healing are immediately below.


Connections Above & Within: Celestial Frequencies of the Sun & Moon

Use the Circadian Code to adjust your body's rhythms for powerful benefits: deep sleep, renewed vitality, weight loss, stress reduction, emotional balance and relationships, and enhance intelligence, mental and job performance.

Access the frequency of the God Gene embedded in seventy minutes of original music.

Use phases of the moon and sun cycles for healings and capture celestial energy for whenever you need it.

5 + Hours of Content


Sound Healing Secrets from Ancient Civilizations

Great introductory course that "surveys" a tremendous amount of content on Ancient Civilizations and their mastery of Sound.

4+ Hours of Content


The Way of the Wizard

is all about the Druids, their way of life and their amazing accomplishments. These "Wizards of Nature" had a highly connected view of the natural world and they knew of the presence of a universal energy - that can be manipulated for astonishing ends. See why it is important that the Druids are closely connected with our Vision of the Wizard and Magic. Understand their focus on following the Path of Nature back to the One Spirit and our ultimate destination of enlightenment and ascension.

Receive one hour of sound attunements in mp3s that bestow the beneficial energy of the
ancient runes. And explore merging your energies with other species to learn and receive their
gifts in energetic forms!

5+ Hours of Content

atlantis rising thumbnail

Atlantis Rising!

The past Golden Age of Atlantis was the pinnacle of Spiritual attainment experienced on Earth. After shining eons, Atlantis vanished... but NOW, Her Ancient Wisdom and Glory are reborn. This time is unlike any other. Jill feels that the catalyst for the beautiful coming age is Lightworkers, like Yourself! It is time to unleash your ancient mastery! Clean up stagnate karma and lift up your life. Take
a journey to connect with the higher energy of Atlantis, accelerate your true purpose, receive practical insights, improve your relationships, and embody former skills.

Learn many ways to access and benefit from the Akashic Records. And, learn how to strengthen your pineal gland, that the ancient sages believed created the halo.

3+ Hours of Content

Egyptian Secrets Class

Deep Egyptian Secrets & Magic

Why has the Ancient Egyptian culture, with its amazing artifacts, remained so entrancing and intriguing for all time? Why are we naturally drawn to anything related to Old Egypt? Why does this era endure in our consciousness? Are there still lost, or hidden powers to be discovered from this iconic land? ... The answer - to these questions and many more - are revealed by Jill Mattson after 30 long years of work.

Learn the secret teachings and methods to use energy taught in many of the Egyptian temples. Revisit Egypt in a past life regression.

7+ Hours of Content

Change Your Life

This set of instructional courses concentrates on topics for improving your life and yourself. All courses offer specific and practical information that you can act on. Learn to Heal with Crystals or accomplish self-renewal. Make changes to your living space to add energy and optimism to your life… learn to detect and utilize information in the Voice or use Attunements to expand you energies and potential + more.


Vibrational Healing with Crystals

This course is focused on using Crystals for Healing and a variety of other
applications. Music and Sound Vibrations are combined with the energy of
Crystals to powerful effect.

1+ Hours of Content

rebirth and renewal class thumbnail

Take a Flight of Rebirth & Renewal!

Learn how to make big Changes in your Life. Break the Chains that are Holding you Down. Join Jill Mattson on a vast vision that evokes Ancient Wisdom, Angels and Spiritual Masters, Star Beings and cutting edge Modern Science. Soar!

Enjoy Energy Healing at its best!

4+ Hours of Content


Manifesting! Create w/ Sound Energy!

Tired of studying how to manifest, but not achieving good results? Ready to
multiply and magnify your internal energy, strength and power of attraction?
Right now! Do you want to Manifest: Financial freedom? Career opportunities? Relationships? You can do it! All you need to know is contained in Jill Mattson's Create with Sound Energy video course.

1.5+ Hours of Content


Heal & Transform w/ Sound Energy

Vibrational healing with sound is incredibly powerful! Properly employed Sound can alter emotions, brainwaves and physicality. Intriguing, but how do you know what you uniquely need? Identify lacking frequencies and ways to get them quickly.

3+ Hours of Content

home of power

Home of Power

Create your own Home of Power and infuse your Life with Light and boundless positive energy. Do you know those things that you most want in your life? Follow the practical advice in Jill Mattson's new video courses and mold your Home to create the specific energies that will lead you to your dreams.

4+ Hours of Content

change your voice

Change Your Voice ~ Change Your Life

There is important hidden information in the sound frequencies created by our spoken voices. Just as our fingerprints are unique markers of our physical identity, our Voices are our personal Vibrational Signatures. The Voice contains information regarding our physical, emotional and spiritual conditions. Learn to decipher the mysteries contained in the Voice.

Use the energy of your voice to calm, energize and heal and balance yourself and others.

1.5+ Hours of Content

chakra attunements

Chakra Attunements

It is widely accepted that Attunements were an important part of the original
forces that allowed Spiritual Beings to incarnate as physical entities and then later to exit the physical dimensions, returning to the purely nonmaterial realms. Mattson’s Attunements contain sacred shapes along with the exact frequencies and colors - to alter your etheric spine and chakras - to enable you to carry an immense amount of light.

Open front, back chakras and chakras above your head and below your feet. Combine these energy centers allow a column of white light to run up your spine.

4+ Hours of Content

Connecting to Angels, the Stars, Other Dimensions

All the courses in this area of study focus on reaching beyond our physical and earthly boundaries. Mattson has learned some amazing possibilities for connecting to higher beings and realms. She has two powerful vehicles to access these otherworldly realities – first and probably foremost Mattson has uncovered many clues (to contact higher entities, other worlds & dimensions) from her study of Ancient Civilizations & their Masters. In addition Jill has been a skilled intuitive for many years. She has learned to contact higher beings and gained invaluable information and insights from Angels (+ others) and her many psychic wanderings. You will be astounded at what you can learn!


Higher Healing

Throughout time, Masters believed that energy from the Stars could create
challenges for us or positive support. Ancient Astrology was NOT horoscopes –
but the energy that constantly bathed us from the key Planets and
Constellations. We can use this heavenly energy to restore and rebalance our
problematic frequencies.

4+ Hours of Content

cosmic realms thumbnail

Cosmic Realms

Why do we instinctively try to understand the nature and the origin of our
Universe? Did you know that just about every chemical element building-block in our bodies was first forged in the Stars? There is something deep within our natures revealed here! Our souls yearn for the fullest reunion with the higher energy from the stars. If you want to learn more about this timeless attraction to the heavens and the valuable secrets that you can discover & USE view Jill Matson's course: Cosmic Realms ~ A Personal Path to the Stars.

Receive mp3 sound attunements to connect with the stars!

6+ Hours of Content

healing and power from a higher dimension thumbnail

Healing from Higher Dimensions and Time

Higher dimensions exist all around us! Higher dimensional energy can yield
personal benefits and growth. Have fun downloading “other dimensional
energies” for healing and major life changes. But, how do we access dimensions, when we don’t see them? How do we open these doors and see what we are missing? Indulge in this fun experience and learn how!

Improve your energy in the future with these techniques for specific and targeted benefits. Enjoy many methods of accessing past, future, and higher dimensions.

7+ Hours of Content


We Once Held Astonishing Energies

This Earth and its People are advancing with constant acceleration. We are
continually given more powerful tools - just when we need them - to lift up
ourselves and the Planet. Reconnect to the Etheric Energy Archetype of your
Original Higher Divine Embodiments. Reclaim the energies that you wielded
before you incarnated in time.

Learn to do Angle Reiki. Have fun activating ancient etheric wings from distant incarnations.

6+ Hours of Content

contacting angels and masters

Contacting Angels and Masters

Angels and Ascended Masters surround us. They are unseen, but they reside
"across the veil" in other dimensions. Use vibrational techniques to access angels and other realms – for communication, information, and healing. Identify portals to gain knowledge from other planes of existence for improved decision making and contact with your guides.

1+ Hours of Content

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