Work on one CD at a time. You can work for as long as six months on each cd.

If you pay attention to the music, you absorb its energy at a faster rate. So, if you meditate to a CD, listening to the entire CD a day is good. Listen to the whole CD – start to finish! If you have the music on while doing other things, listen at least twice a day for the entire CD. A good option is to have the music at extremely low volume and on while you sleep. Your ears never go to sleep.


You can listen for more extended periods. Many loop the CDs and keep them at low volume all day and night for several weeks. Then they see remarkable results. Can you get too much? Yes, you can.  As long as your body needs the frequency within a song selection, you will enjoy it. The music will feel pleasurable unless you are releasing negative emotions, in which case the negative feeling will be no longer than a few seconds. When the entire song does not make you feel good, then you have had enough of that song! Your body knows best.


You can memorize the feeling of any angel or divine being by remembering how you feel when you listen to their music and sound code on this music collection. Feel them, listen and call their name to connect & download their energy! Just listen to raise your overall energy leverls and protection.


For the Deep Wave Body Healing CD, memorize the feeling of each organ. How do you feel when thinking of your body organs and listening to the cd of the correlating organ? When you don’t feel well and the Body Healing CD is not nearby, scan your body to feel which organ seems out of whack. Remember and feel what the organ feels like when it is in tune. Recall that feeling until your organ matches the healthy tuning. You will tune up your body and specifically that organ! You can be the master of your organs!